Addressograph® 2000 Electric Card Imprinter 860-451-041


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Addressograph® Model 2000 series electric card imprinter.

Combination card holder works with your CR80 or CR50 size cards; suction cup/solid rubber feet to hold it firmly in place; with a Hospital grade power plug.

Use a Purple or Black color ink roller.

Warranty 90 days.

Part Number: 860-451-041


Use the Addressograph® Model 2000 series electric card imprinter for taking an imprint of hospital cards, provincial health cards, and even credit cards.

This great imprinter is most commonly used in hospitals, health clinics, hotels, businesses and store fronts.

See our Imprinter Ink Roll Guide for help on chosing the appropriate ink roll for your Addressograph® 2000 imprinter.