Datacard® CD800™ Duplex Card Printer with Dual Lamination & Tactile Module 507968-004


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Double-Sided card printer, with Dual Commercial Lamination Module, Tactile Impression Module, with USB & Ethernet connectivity.

This Dual lamination module can laminate a card front and back side simultaneously, in 1 single pass, saving time when batch printing, and through peak printing periods.

Includes a Custom Printer Dust Cover, which helps to keep your printer clean, inside and out.

NO Tactile Impression Die included.  Standard and Custom Dies are available.  Please Contact us for Tactile Die options.

36 Month (3 years) Printer Warranty (DKC Associates Depot Repair Service).

Part Number: 507968-004

Please call us for Special Pricing Options and Tactile Specifics


Organizations including government agencies, corporations and education establishments face serious and escalating security threats.  Issuers need next-level strategies and technology to help prevent ID card counterfeiting and fraud, better protect their people and facilities, and meet demands for faster service.  The Datacard® CD800™ card printer with inline lamination module directly addresses your needs by delivering offerings, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression, a bar code reader and a card debow feature.

Issue cards fast by printing, laminating and impressing a tactile feature on up to 210 cards per hour. Designed using best practices, the Datacard® CD800™ card printer is highly efficient, reliable and engineered to meet specific industry standards.

Revolutionary new supplies include Datacard® DuraShield™ clear and holographic overlays that offer the best mix of security, durability and affordability. These overlays take security and durability to new levels by providing full edge-to-edge coverage that’s virtually impossible to remove intact and providing four times the durability of basic topcoats - at nearly the same price.

Card security is an evolving process that requires new technology specifically designed to protect people, programs and budgets. Datacard Group’s patent pending tactile impression feature offers a truly impressive differentiator that takes security and card design to new levels of personalization.

The tactile impressor feature, designed exclusively for use in the Datacard® CD800™ card printer with inline lamination module, offers an affordable and entry-level security feature ideal for any card program. This patent-pending feature utilizes a mechanical die within the laminator that physically impresses a generic or custom design directly onto the card substrate and overlay or laminate patch in the same pass. The final output is a card with added counterfeiting and tampering resistance that will impress any cardholder.Tactile Impression Security

The key behind creating a secure ID credential is to incorporate multiple layers of defense throughout the card that inhibit tampering and counterfeiting, yet still remains easy to visually verify for authenticity. When using the tactile impression feature, cards instantly become more secure by physically altering the card substrate and overlay or laminate patch with a feature that is difficult to replicate, yet easy to validate by inspectors. It also enhances tamper evidence by tearing a laminate patch during an attempt to remove it, rendering the laminate unusable for application onto counterfeit cards. Positioning the impression over the portion of a cardholder photo or personal information also protects this sensitive data from alteration.

In addition to increased security, a tactile impression is perfect for card issuers looking for ways to highlight and promote their brand with eye-catching features unlike anything currently available in the marketplace. Datacard offers a variety of generic designs that fit most market applications, or issuers can also choose to design a unique die that’s distinctively theirs. A die design can be anything from text only, to an image, or a combination of both.

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