Datacard® CD800™ Duplex Card Printer with Single Lamination 507968-001


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Double-Sided card printer, with Single Commercial Lamination Module, with USB & Ethernet connectivity.

Includes a Custom Printer Dust Cover to help keep your printer clean, inside and out.

30 Month Printer Warranty (DKC Associates Depot Repair Warranty).

Part Number: 507968-001


Advance to the Next Level of Security and Durability
Organizations including government agencies, corporations and education establishments face serious and escalating security threats. Issuers need next-level strategies and technology to help prevent ID card counterfeiting and fraud, better protect their people and facilities, and meet demands for faster service. The Datacard® CD800™ card printer with inline lamination module directly addresses your needs by delivering offerings, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression, a bar code reader and a card debow feature.

As part of an integrated solution with Datacard® software, supplies and service, the CD800 card printer with inline lamination module delivers the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for.
Re-designed and re-imagined, this card printer can grow with your program needs as you take security and durability to the next level.
• Patent pending tactile impression feature that makes cards more secure
• Faster system throughput — up to 210 cards per hour single-sided — with less downtime
• Cost-effective security and durability features, lower total cost of ownership
• A unique patent pending debow feature that fl attens cards after lamination
• Optional barcode reader to read serialized laminate


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