Card Imprinters Embossers and Supplies

The healthcare industry uses card imprinters to this day, something DKC Associates knows about inside and out.
Hospitals, clinics, physician's offices all use these dependable machines, among many other industries including hotels. Anyone that requires an imprint (a copy) of a card, be it a Health Card, Driver's License, Credit Cards or bank cards, all that is required is a card imprinter that can imprint/stamp a card's embossed information, on to a piece of paper or form. Card imprinters use a simple ink roller to copy the information from a card. Insert a card into the imprinter, press down on the imprinter, and a mechanism shifts side to side taking the imprint of the card information.

Card Embossers are equipment that will emboss characters through a card, so they are raised and can be seen and felt on the other side of the card.  We see this on all of our Credit cards and Bank cards today.  The embossers of today are still extremely robust and dependable, performing all day long with extremely high volumes.

Link to ID Cards Canada YouTube video for sample card imprintingHere is a short video of an Addressograph® Model 2000 Electric Card Imprinter taking an imprint of a sample hospital patient card, including a card placed within a room jacket, for the purpose of recording the room number of a hospital patient.

Not sure what size of ink roll your card imprinter uses? DKC Associates has created a simple document for your reference, which shows very simply how to measure one of your existing ink rolls, in order to place your next order with us for the appropriate size of ink roll.
See our Imprinter Ink Roll Guide (PDF)