Printer Transport Cases (PTC) for Card Printers

These Card Printer Transport Cases are designed to transport and ship your PVC card printers with confidence and peace of mind to demonstrations, off-site Photo Identification projects, and trade shows everywhere.
Transport Case Features:

Durability & Construction - Watertight, airtight, dust proof, crushproof, corrosion proof, dent proof, padlock ready and have a Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Available in Black, Gray, Yellow, Olive Drab available for military applications.

Standard Features - Equipped with a retractable tote arm, inset rubber wheels, multiple fold down carrying handles, comfort grips, large ‘Press & Pull' latches, and meet all UPS shipping requirements.

Impact Absorbing Foam - Custom tooled to fit your printer's exact dimensions and weight specifications. Additional cavities allow for consumables, cable and a digital camera.

Used by Military, Search & Rescue, Fire and Police Departments world wide!

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