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DKC Associates staff are Trained and Authorized for Repair Services by a number of major manufacturers, including HID/Fargo and Datacard.

We offer both Depot Repair Service, and On-Site Repair Service, for almost every make and model of card printer on the market today.

Even with older model badge printers, we have many parts that may support yours, until you are ready to upgrade to a current state-of-the-art plastic card printer.

We offer telephone support to get you up and running immediately, saving you time & money, and providing business continuity.

A Certified Repair Technician will quickly become available for you, if of course your card printing equipment requires hands-on care.

Our Repair Technicians provide you with a comprehensive Service Report, detailing all work performed.

Call us for a Free Repair Estimate, and for the provision of a Service Contract, offering you peace of mind, with Priority Service.



We constantly receive information and technical updates from manufacturers, which we deem necessary to share with you, being your complete service provider.

If you're experiencing minor trouble with your card printing equipment, or other photo ID and badging peripherals (cameras, scanners, etc.), please visit our FAQ and Tech Tips page for helpful tips and answers to common problems.