Clinics, doctors' offices, medical centres, and hospitals have all come to depend on DKC Associates for equipment and supplies, when it comes to card embossing, card imprinting, and staff Identification.

Canada Healthcare Industry Solutions

Even now in the age of labels, wristbands, and automated patient forms, DKC has the expertise to support this universal transition, providing you with reassurance while progressing through small, or large, challenging projects.

A team with a combined experience of over 30 years in the business...we've seen the past...we know the future...we can help take you there.

With Government mandates upon us for increased security and controlled access to sensitive information, such as patient records, we are in the position to help your medical establishment meet these requirements, with the Award-Winning Entrust IdentityGuard MultiFactor Authentication Platform Solution.

Your industry needs to save want to allocate time more want effective and REAL security measures, not just 'perceived' security...

We can help.