DKC Associates is an Entrust Partner

We recognize that security is essential for our customers, hence our strategic partnering with Entrust.

An an official Entrust Partner, we will recommend and/or integrate and/or deploy Entrust identity-based data security solutions, coupled with our own product and service solutions, offering your organisation true identity and data lockdown.

Entrust IdentityGuard - True Identity-Based Security
The award-winning Entrust IdentityGuard software authentication platform provides a single management solution for issuing, provisioning, managing and authenticating the digital identities of users, mobile devices and systems.
Properly safeguard access to sensitive information, critical data, and intellectual property for employees, partners, and customers.

Some Key Benefits Include

  • Provides streamlined platform approach for strong authentication, physical and logical access, and mobile authentication — all from a single trusted security expert
  • Adjust quickly to changes in the threat landscape, industry regulations or the organization
  • Leverage NFC (Near-Field Communication) and Bluetooth standards for more convenient physical and logical secure access via mobile devices to corporate resources 
  • Easily add, change, or remove authentication functionally as required
  • Gain access to the widest range of authenticators available via a single platform
  • Provides end-to-end capabilities for smartcard selection, issuance and management
  • Enables multiple identities to be used on a single mobile device

Entrust Mobile Smartcard defeats malware attack


This video demonstrates a ‘session riding’ attack, and how the Entrust Mobile Smartcard can defeat this serious malware threat.


Entrust IdentityGuard Data Sheets and Brochures

Entrust IdentityGuard Authentication Methods Entrust IdentityGuard for Enterprise
Entrust IdentityGuard Enterprise Authentication Entrust IdentityGuard Biometrics
Entrust IdentityGuard Federation Module Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Security Solutions
Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Smart Credential Solutions de sécurité mobile Entrust IdentityGuard 
Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Device Management Integration Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Software Development Kit
Entrust IdentityGuard AirWatch MDM Integration Entrust IdentityGuard TeleSign SMS & Voice Authentication
Entrust IdentityGuard Smartcard & USB Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard Smartcard & USB Authentication Technical Specifications