Until very recently, managing any size and scope of physical security has proven to be quite challenging, with so many interchangeable and interoperable choices for hardware and software, which do not always work together as it should.

With so many different moving parts, this can also mean excessive service and maintenance, while typically dealing with not one, but several sources or companies.

Why drive your ACS and VMS this way?

Is your platform aging?

Would you rather deal with one source for support and service?

Use a unified and robust platform to cover all crucial elements to securing your ecosystems.

IP-Based VMS (Video Management System), IP-Based ACS (Access Control System), and even additional components such as Automatic License Plate Recognition. 

Building Access Point and Security    Video Camera Security Systems

Built on an open architecture for flexibility to work with 3rd party devices, and for expansion when and how you need.

A truly open solution, both by providing access to 3rd party system integration, and integrator multiple key open platform hardware manufacturers, giving you freedom and investment protection.

Not only with a modern look, this solution is proven in the field with over 10 years in ACS, proven to work well with both HID Global and Mercury hardware, with heavy continuous investments in R & D, to create constant innovative solutions.

Many organisations have converted to this true unified platform, based solely on overall maintenance costs.

Security Operations Command Center

Not just an ACS platform trying to incorporate video, or video trying to incorporate ACS, but a unique platform that can natively manage both access control devices and cameras together.

This means no additional costs trying to maintain the compatibility between a VMS and ACS.

One SMA, one point of contact, one training for the platform, one system to maintain, and less servers to maintain. 

Also, promoting the security around physical security systems, for the education on best practices and solution development for better protection of those critical systems. 

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