Managing an organization’s vehicle fleet is not an easy task. With potentially thousands of vehicles to track and maintain, and an equal number of drivers collecting and returning keys each day, it can quickly consume valuable administrative resources.

Whether you are a local business with ten trucks, or a global distributor with thousands of vehicles on the road, Traka makes the management process efficient, secure and effortless. In addition to providing an automated method of distributing and collecting keys, Traka records every key transaction and provides full audit details for better user accountability and lowered administration costs.

By decentralizing, Traka can safely store keys where they are needed most, while allowing fast and easy access for authorized users, and centralized management from any authorized device on your local or wide area network. Each key set is electronically tagged with our durable iFob, which uniquely identifies it to our secure key cabinets and intelligent software.

The ultimate value of Traka lies in our ability to integrate into the systems you already use, making administration easy, increasing visibility on critical fleet data, and enabling realtime workflows that improve your operational processes. Traka gives you total control over your fleet keys and assets like never before.


Some features and benefits include:

  • Control access to vehicles by adding, deleting or suspending users
  • Full audit capability - retains a complete history of all key and user transactions
  • Allocate specific vehicles to authorized users at specific times, and integrate with existing systems for automatic booking or reservations
  • Realtime, centralized activity reporting with email notifications and alarms to instantly alert administrators to important events
  • Auto-allocate keys based on certain criteria, including “First In, First Out” to ensure that vehicle inventory receives even utilization
  • Drivers can report vehicle service issues via the touch screen upon returning a key, generating automatic maintenance notifications for management, and revoking further access to the vehicle until service is complete
  • Note logging enables drivers to report mileage, parking location or other important data upon returning a key



Traka Fleet Management Brochure