From simple secured storage options to enterprise-level control of costly or sensitive devices, Traka systems provide an intuitive and powerful way to manage, track and report usage of your most important assets, with the ability to drive process through integration.

Traka Intelligent Key Management

Traka solutions can integrate into your existing database or third-party platforms, making administration easy, and enabling realtime workflows that improve your operational processes. Traka gives you complete control over your keys, vendor badges, pooled assets and fleet vehicles like never before. 

Traka Intelligent Asset Management

Protect Keys and Assets
Traka key cabinet and locker systems keep items safe from unauthorized use
Control Access
You determine when items are available, and who can access them
Create Accountability
With all activity recorded, users are fully accountable for the items they use
Reduce Downtime
Put keys and assets where they are needed most, and manage access from anywhere
Collect Valuable Data
Every user and item transaction is recorded, allowing valuable reporting on item utilisation
Drive Process
Integration reduces administration overhead, and provides superior control over critical processes


See the TRAKA 21 Plug and Play Intelligent Key Management System

TRAKA 21 Intelligent Key Management Systems


Data Sheets, Applications, and other key information for Traka Intelligent Management Systems

Traka Intelligent Management Solutions For Keys and Equipment (PDF)

Traka systèmes de gestion intelligente de clés et équipements (PDF)

Traka Intelligent Lockers Solutions for Total Asset Management (PDF)

Traka Integrations to Drive Processes and Reduce Administration (PDF)

Traka Touch / Traka Web Intelligent Key and Asset Management Solutions (PDF)

Traka Touch / Traka Web Gestion intelligente des clés et des actifs (PDF)

Traka Bodycam Management Solutions with Intelligent Storage and Data Synchronization (PDF)

Traka Fleet Management Solutions (PDF)

Traka Lockout/Tagout Automated Process Control for Maximum Safety (PDF)

Traka L-Touch Key Cabinets Spec Sheet (PDF)

Traka M-Touch Key Cabinets Spec Sheet (PDF)

Traka S-Touch Key Cabinets Spec Sheet (PDF)

Traka Web Browser-Based Enterprise Software Platform (PDF)


Industries and markets that thrive from using Traka Intelligent Management systems include:

Education Corporate Campus Data Centers
Housing Units Property Management Healthcare Facilities
Casinos and Gaming Energy Hotels & Resorts
Cruise Ships Stadiums Airports
Prisons and Correctional Law Enforcement Transportation
Manufacturing Retail Government and Military
Logistics and Distribution Financial Institutions Automotive (and other) Dealerships


    Additional Options that are available for Traka products and services include:

    Accessories available include:

    • Security seals (steel cable, padlock style, tamper-proof loop)
    • Key rings (standard or quick release)
    • Key set ID tags (colored or numbered)
    • Receptor Strip Storage Blocks for securing and auditing small items
    • Access card holders to manage card credentials the same as physical keys
    • Proximity tokens for organizations without existing credentials


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