Zebra Card Printer Transport Cases (PTC)

Zebra Card printer transport cases

Check below for your card printer model and associated printer transport case part number.

Printer Description / Model  Part Number
Zebra P120 Card Printer PTC-ZE-120
Zebra ZXP1 and ZXP3 Card Printers PTC-ZE-ZXP3
TWO Zebra ZXP3 Card Printers PTC-ZE-ZXP3_X2
Zebra ZXP7 Card Printer PTC-ZE-ZXP7
Zebra ZXP7 Card Printer with Laminator PTC-ZE-ZXP7L
Zebra ZXP8 Card Printer PTC-ZE-ZXP8
Zebra ZXP8 Card Printer with Laminator PTC-ZE-ZXP8L

TSA accepted Combo Lock for card Printer Transport Case.

TSA personnel can safely lock and unlock.You can choose from thousands of combinations.

PTC Lock

Please contact us with any and all questions concerning your Zebra Card Printer Transport Case