EasyLobby® Mobile Wireless Solution EL-SYM-MC9090GK


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Symbol MC9090-G Mobile Handheld Computer with preinstalled with EasyLobby® SVM Mobile software.

Part Number: EL-SYM-MC9090GK


EasyLobby Package Mobile™ allows users to deliver packages directly to employees located throughout a facility.  This eliminates the need for each employee to pick up the package him/herself.  The software captures multiple signatures for packages delivered and does not require wireless networking throughout the facility.  When placed back into its cradle, the included handheld computer automatically syncs data to and from the EasyLobby Package database.

Symbol MC9190G Handheld used with EasyLobby® SVM Mobile™

  • ƒƒWireless (802.11 a/b/g) handheld computer
  • ƒƒPreinstalled with EasyLobby SVM Mobile software
  • ƒƒIntegrated driver’s license reading (2d barcode and magstripe), with authentication (US and Canada)
  • ƒƒProvides integrated barcode scanning and integrated signature capture
  • ƒƒFull keypad (53 keys) for easy entry
  • ƒOffers a gate control option to open gates not controlled by a centralized access control system
Ideal for mobile and remote environments - For checking in and managing vehicles, visitors and packages at guard gates, loading docks and other high security remote/mobile locations
Easy to learn and use - EasyLobby software pre-loaded onto user-friendly handheld devices
Improved remote location security - Provides remote locations with the same visitor management security technology deployed in the main organization
Efficient - Performs fast data capture and check-in
ƒƒRugged design - Durable handled devices can withstand tough outdoor locations and conditions

    As part of HID Global's EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management™ software portfolio, the mobile wireless solutions family includes SVM Mobile™, Package Mobile™ and Satellite Mobile™. These products are pre-loaded onto handheld wireless devices that make it easier and more efficient to control and manage visitors, vehicles, assets and packages in mobile and remote environments.

    HID's EasyLobby SVM Mobile™ is ideal for checking in and managing vehicles, visitors and packages at guard gates, loading docks and other remote/mobile locations, avoiding multiple trips to and from a computer station. The solution includes a wireless handheld computer and performs fast data capture by reading the driver's license and automatically populating the visitor form field so minimum typing is required at checkin (license read populates the visitor form fields automatically in 1-2 seconds).

    EasyLobby® Mobile Visitor Management Solution (PDF Brochure)

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