EPI Suite® 6.x Pro ID Software 11.02.01


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EPI Suite® 6.x Pro USB.

Standalone or networked, with multiple cards per person, with Face Finder, but without Canon Plug-In.

Includes Electronic Manual, CD, USB key and Serial Number for Pro.

Part Number: 11.02.01


IWS EPI Suite Pro by ImageWare® Systems, Inc. is the leading photo ID software solution for large organizations with multi-user network installations that need to cost effectively issue, manage, produce and control thousands of secure ID cards.

EPI Suite® 6.x Pro employee record

What sets IWS EPI Suite Pro apart is its ability to efficiently manage large amounts of data, images and card designs, so users don’t have to. Users can track and issue multiple cards per person; automatically populate multiple cards with one person’s data, eliminating redundant data entry; and conduct a variety of batch operations like re-issuing, updating, printing or adding groups of cards all at once.

Some features and options include:

  • Smart face-finding for consistent images on each ID
  • Dual-sided card design
  • Unlimited records
  • Includes a database
  • Magnetic stripe and bar code encoding
  • Multiple ID cards per person
  • Fifteen images per person
  • Create and delete cards in batches
  • Guard station features
  • Biometric, bar code & encoder plug-ins
  • Incorporation of background checks
  • Web-based remote enrollment applications
  • 3rd party integration with access control and human resource systems
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Simple Chinese and Arabic
  • Plus many more


EPI Suite® 6.x Pro ID Software Brochure