HID Global 500x iCLASS® Seos® Smart Cards


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High Frequency Contactless Smart Card for Securing Identities and physical access

iCLASS® Seos™ 16K flexible memory allocation OR iCLASS® Seos™ 8K secure processor

13.56 MHz with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Composite with 60% PVC / 40% PET

Printable, use direct to card (DTC) printers and thermal transfer (retransfer) printers

(Base Part Number) 5005 for standard 16K card / 5006 for 8K

Please Contact Us for specific card options and pricing

Strong authentication – First enterprise-ready converged card for securing physical access as well as access to IT resources.
Increased interoperability – Open, standards-based solution supports future technologies and can store data for multiple applications.
Technology-independent security – Multi-layered security supports the portable Secure Identity Object (SIOs®) data model.
Heightened privacy protection – No traceable identifiers exchanged during card sessions, preventing data associated to a card from being divulged or cloned.


  • Available in 8K-Bytes or 16K-Bytes memory
  • AES-128 bits cryptographic algorithms for data protection
  • Mutual authentication protocol with generation of diversified session key to protect each card session (using secure messaging).
  • Secure data storage with flexible data model (file system based) using a firewalled architecture for data separation between applications.
  • Supports ISO/IEC standards: 7810, 7816 and contactless cards (14443 A).
  • Contactless unique identifier: 4 bytes (random value).
  • Generic command set based on ISO/IEC 7816-4.
  • Hardware chip integrating co-processor with high performance for cryptographic calculations with symmetric keys.
  • One Time Password generation using standards-based solution.
  • Card customization available: Magnetic stripe, custom text or graphics (requires minimum quantity).


  • Programmable with one or several Secure Identity Objects® (SIOs®) for each application.
  • High resistance to common attacks (man in the middle, replay attacks and others).
  • Available with anti-counterfeiting features such as holograms, holographic foil, OVI (Optical Variable Ink).


  • iCLASS Seos with 8K processor card for standard applications or with extended 16K memory for demanding applications.
  • Leverages SIO data model and security.


  • Fully supported by iCLASS SE® and multiCLASS SE® readers that can process SIO-enabled data formats. Only supported by iCLASS SE readers with firmware Revision E or later.


Please refer to the HID Global Readers and Credentials How To Order Guide for a complete list of options on the HID 500x iCLASS® Seos® Smart Card (Page 46) (PDF)

500x iCLASS® Seos® Smart Card Datasheet (PDF)

HID Global Technology Card Guide (PDF)

Corporate 1000 Program Information (PDF)