HID® Proximity MicroProx® Tag 1391xxxxx


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HID® Global Proximity 1391 MicroProx® Tags.

26 bit card, MicroProx® proximity access tag with peel-off self-adhesive back.

Most common configuration is 1391LSSMN:

  • L - Programmed, Low Frequency (125 kHz)
  • S - Gray with HID Standard Artwork 
  • S - Adhesive Backing
  • M - Sequential Matching Encoded/Printed (Inkjetted)
  • N - No Slot Punch

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  • Proven, Reliable Technology – Offers extremely consistent read range. Unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins.
  • Long Life – Passive, no-battery design allows for an infinite number of reads.
  • Radio frequency proximity support – Includes read/write identification using 125 kHz contactless technology for support in existing RFID deployments

Key Features of the Proximity Adhesive Tag:

  • The size of a coin ( 1.285" / 3.264 cm), the Tag easily attaches to all nonmetallic materials and instantly becomes a proximity card.
  • The Tag can be programmed in any HID proximity format, and is compatible with all HID proximity card readers.
  • The Tag is RF-programmable for ease of encoding with HID's ProxProgrammer®.


HID® Proximity 1391 MicroProx® Tag Data Sheet

HID® Prox Credentials Comparison Chart