SkimSAFE™ Smart Wallet for Cell Phones


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Protect RFID-enabled cards such as Credit Cards and Bank Cards from unauthorized skimming and identity theft, in a self-adhesive wallet that adheres to any cellular telephone, smart phone, tablet, and the like.

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The wallet adheres to the back of any cell phone, smart phones, tablets, laptops and more, and has an integrated RFID shield with Government-grade RFID blocking technology, protecting up to five (5) contactless cards against unwanted skimming and copying.
Simply slide out the card to transmit or tap when you are using the card for a purchase, then slide it back in the case for security when you’re done.

Watch this video on how SkimSAFE™ Smart Wallet works, and can help you keep peace of mind in keeping your technology cards safe from card skimmers while on the go.