TEMPbadge® Visitor Management System 06196


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  • TEMPbadge® Professional VMS (Visitor Management Software) V5.71
  • TEMPbadge® BP4 Durable Direct-Thermal Printer (PN# P9050)
  • 1000 x VMS Self-Expiring Tab Badges (PN# 02050) (2 5/8" x 4" (67 x 102mm), 1-Day, BLANK) (5 rolls of 200)

Part Number: 06196

Today your organization faces many potential threats such as crime, vandalism, industrial espionage, global terrorism, and workplace violence, among others. The security of your employees and property are at risk every day, and it all begins at your front door.
Now more than ever, it’s vitally important to have an effective Visitor Management system that will keep the wrong people out, and create a smooth, professional experience for your welcomed visitors.

The TEMPbadge® Visitor Management System is quick, easy-to-use software for managing your visitor care

  • Incredibly fast visitor processing (only 4 clicks and 5 seconds per visitor!)
  • Simple, easy-to-navigate interface that requires little to no training
  • Customization options for pass types, departments and more
  • Reports available based on date, destination, or pass type

TEMPbadge® Products Brochure (PDF)

TEMPbadge® Visitor Management System (Video)


Gestion des visiteurs système TEMPbadge® VMS

  • Seulement 5 secondes pour enregistrer un visiteur, et imprimer leur insigne auto expirante
  • Formation minimale requise (parfait pour les gardes, volontaires et le personnel temporaire)
  • Personnalisable pour répondre à vos besoins
  • Rapports intégrés (affichage, impression, ou export)

Inclus: logiciel VMS TEMPbadge V5.71, imprimante thermique TEMPbadge BP4, et VMS #02050 insignes autos expirant avec onglet (qté 1000).
PN# 06196