March 30, 2016


CHALLENGE: The Union des Journalistes de Sport en France (UJSF) annually issues credentials to sports journalists. The credential was being counterfeited, despite including an advanced security feature - an embedded holographic image. Counterfeiting attempts were taking place because journalists wanted to avoid paying high annual registration fees to the UJSF.

SOLUTION: The UJSF called on Entrust Datacard partner ICTS to aid in the search for a new credential printing solution that would ensure the IDs could not easily be counterfeited. Together they determined that the Datacard® SD460™ printer with tactile impression would be the best solution to increase the security of their credentials and decrease fraud.

RESULTS: Since introducing the new cards, the UJSF has seen a reduction in the number of fraudulent cards.

Each year, between 5,000 and 6,000 sports journalists in France must register with the Union des Journalistes de Sport en France (UJSF) and pay an annual fee to obtain their official press credentials. The registered press credentials allow the journalists access into various sporting events throughout the country, many times with special access privileges. Even though the UJSF credential included an embedded holographic image, the UJSF was finding a great deal of fraudulent or counterfeited identification cards amongst the journalists. Believing that the fraud was due mostly to press not wanting to pay a high annual fee to the UJSF, UJSF decided it was time to find a more secure solution for their credentials.

To meet the heightened security needs of the UJSF, Entrust Datacard partner ICTS, a card printer specialist, suggested the Datacard SD460 printer with inline lamination and tactile impression. The tactile impression feature helps to make cards more secure by physically impressing a tamper-evident image into the card substrate at the time of personalization. A security feature that is very hard to counterfeit and makes it very difficult to alter the credential.

To even further increase the security of their credential, the UJSF decided to utilize the option of a custom-created die for their tactile impression. This die allowed UJSF to use an image of their choosing as the imprint on top of the credential image. By including inline lamination, tactile impression and custom die -- all personalized through the Datacard SD460 printer – ICTS was able to provide the UJSF with a printer that allowed them to create on-demand credentials that are resistant to fraud and counterfeiting attempts – thus creating a more secure identification card program.

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