April 15, 2016

Recent Chrome Upgrade Impacts Datacard TruCredential

A recent update to Google Chrome has removed features that Datacard TruCredential relies on for designing and rendering credentials. When using Google Chrome version 49.0.2623.87 or higher, users will experience TruCredential indefinitely loading when launching a workflow or credential design.

An update to the software is available to resolve the issue at https://www.datacard.com/support-and-drivers

In addition to changes to address the issues with Chrome, the updated installer will include some new features as well.

  • Connect composite, date, and dropdown fields to a barcode
  • Include database connections to views and synonyms
  • Directory Service interface can now be configured with an account outside the search base
  • Schema selection option on database connections
Changes to TruCredential are also made to minimize the likelihood of browser changes impacting graphics rendering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Who will this impact?
A1: Any Chrome user who has their browser set to auto update. All other users will not be impacted.

Q2: Is there a workaround prior to/instead of installing the new update?
A2: Downgrading isn’t really an option with Chrome. Turning off auto update is also not recommended, and can only be done via a registry change: http://dev.chromium.org/administrators/turning-off-auto-updates. If you do not want to install the update, we recommend that you switch to Internet Explorer.

Q3: How do we apply this for existing customers?
A3: Download the new installer, uninstall existing software, and run the downloaded installer.

Q4: Will I continue to have issues in the future if I use Chrome?
A4: Although we never know exactly what changes Chrome will make, this is likely a one-time issue.

For additional questions or concerns regarding this issue, please Contact Us.

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