May 05, 2016

Providing Unique, High Visible Security case study

Kaba group, based in Switzerland, is one of the leading providers of access control and workforce management solutions in the world. This highly valued Entrust Datacard partner has an enduring 150-year tradition of providing innovative solutions and employs more than 7,500 people in 60 countries. In 2014, Kaba Group acquired Rio de Janeiro-based Task Sistemas to expand its activities in the promising Brazilian market. Together, they provide solutions specifically tailored to the needs of Brazilian companies ranging from ID and access control solutions to workforce management and closed-circuit television technology.

CHALLENGE: Provide a cost-effective and consistent solution for identifying all airport service providers and employees with badges that have highly visible security features and are nearly impervious to fraud.

SOLUTION: The airport called on Entrust Datacard partner Kaba Group to aid the search for a new badging system that would meet the airport’s heightened security needs.

RESULTS: The airport security badging printers were replaced with Datacard® CD800™ card printer with inline hologram lamination module and customized tactile impression.

High Stakes Situation
When it comes to security, the stakes are extremely high for airports around the world. Airport personnel need to be easily identified and access to sensitive areas needs to be strictly controlled. Any breach in staff or secure areas could lead to catastrophic consequences.

When Rio de Janeiro International Airport was privatized by the Brazilian government in 2014, the RioGaleao Consortium won the bid to modernize the facility and redefine all access control and security strategies. They wanted to find a cost-effective solution for badging of airport personnel that would provide highly visible security features that were nearly impervious to fraud.

“Our main business strategy is to add aggregate value to our customers’ projects — not focusing on low costs — but rather on the most cost-effective solutions available,” said the ID Products Manager for Task Sistemas — Kaba Group.

Complicating matters, there were many disparate groups that required access to various areas at the airport, some very sensitive. This required different access grants for employees and service providers such as airport ground personnel, aircraft on-board staff, cleaning and maintenance subcontractors, the airport security team, government personnel and duty-free employees.

Unique, Highly Visible Security
The consortium wanted to unify all employee and service provider badges — not just under the same ID card issuance structure, but with highly visible security features that were nearly impossible to copy. The badges also needed to be durable, as many of the airport staff are routinely in contact with chemicals such as cleaning agents and plane fuel.

Due to a previous relationship with the consortium, Task Sistemas was the only provider consulted on the project and they offered the Datacard® CD800™ card printer with an inline lamination module and a unique tactile impression feature.

The tactile impression — a patent-pending feature offered exclusively by Entrust Datacard — is an inline security feature with the CD800 card printer that creates an impression on the card and physically alters the substrate and overlay to help prevent counterfeiting. Any attempt to alter the card is immediately evident. While the impression can be made with a generic die, the consortium chose to create a custom-designed die for the cards that offer both heightened security and greater visual appeal.

“The tactile impression is a very unique feature, which also can be cost effective,” said the ID Products Manager. “The consortium seems to really like the quality and the beauty of the badges.”

Seamless Implementation
Since implementing the CD800 system, the consortium security staff has reissued the new high-security badges to all airport employees and support staff. It expects to issue approximately 30,000 ID cards each year with a full-color photo and tactile impression on the front and black text and a barcode on the back. A 1.0 mil Datacard® DuraGard® holographic laminate is added to all cards to prolong the life span of the card to two years, add a visual security element and provide the strongest defence against abrasion and chemical attack.

The card printer is integrated with Forzip card production software that was developed by Task Sistemas. The software is linked to the airport’s existing database and enables all cards to be created internally by security staff. The cards are currently used for both identification and access control at the airport.

To ensure a smooth startup of the new card printing system, Task Sistemas — Kaba Group provided consortium security staff with 30 hours of initial technical training. They also provide ongoing monthly maintenance and bureau staff services.

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