March 22, 2014


At this point, there may be some confusion about DKC Associates and IDCardsCanada. For those of you who are existing clients of DKC Associates, you may have questions about how IDCardsCanada relates to DKC Associates—the company you have come to know and trust. Also, it may appear that we are using the names DKC Associates and IDCardsCanada interchangeably. We want to take this opportunity to provide some clarity around these two names. DKC Associates continues to exist as you have always known it. We still have you, the client, as our number one priority and we are here for you as always by phone or email. In addition to that, we have a new internet presence—IDCardsCanada—our online incarnation so to speak. When we refer to IDCardsCanada, we are referring to the ecommerce side of DKC Associates. Through IDCardsCanada, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the very best products and service out there.


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