March 27, 2014

Datacard Group Announces New Product Enhancements for its Retransfer ID Card Printers

Affordable retransfer printers offer more encoding and personalization options, as well as a new software integration feature that give organizations more choices in their card programs.

Datacard Group announced the addition of new product features to its affordable Datacard® retransfer card printers.

The Datacard SR200 and SR300 retransfer card printers enable corporations, universities and government agencies the ability to issue high quality, full-color printed cards with over-the-edge coverage that are secure, personalized and durable. 

The SR200 printer personalizes single-sided applications, while the SR300 printer offers dual-sided printing and can encode magnetic stripe or smart cards – including contact and contactless.  

New product features include more factory-installed smart card encoding modules and field upgradeable encoding that can support various contact/contactless card types.  In addition, there are new flexible configurations to the Software Development Kits (SDKs) that provide intuitive tools for card design, secure card production, and flexible management of card programs. 

“Our SR printers are used in a wide variety of applications and markets—such as access control, corporate ID or government ID cards, membership cards, transit passes and licenses—so it’s very important that we continuously enhance our product line to stay ahead of the innovation curve and provide the latest technology features to our customers,” said Connell Smith, vice president of supplies and desktop product marketing for Datacard Group.  “Our new features ultimately give organizations more options in their card programs, the ability to personalize and encode additional card types, as well as easily integrate into software applications with plug-and-play features.” 

Because the SR300 printers are used in a wide variety of applications and offer retransfer printing, it is a very cost-effective technology for organizations to implement as it gives them the ability to choose from various personalization and printing options – including the ability to print on a variety of card surfaces and materials – such as blank or preprinted cards, as well as PET, PET-G, polycarbonate, and PVC cards. 

Organizations can also build a complete card issuance solution from Datacard Group by combining Datacard® software, certified supplies and global services.  The SR200 and SR300 retransfer printers are also integrated with optional Datacard card laminators, which apply protective topcoats, overlays, and laminates to the card to help extend card life and strengthen card security, ultimately helping combat counterfeiting and alteration.




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