April 06, 2014


If you have purchased equipment from DKC Associates, you know our first goal is to fully assess your needs, then provide you with the best, longest lasting equipment at the lowest price possible. Indeed, we have built our reputation largely by selling only the best printers, encoders, etc. As such, many of our clients are using older equipment that is still functioning beautifully. However as time passes, obtaining parts for these older models can be a challenge. DKC Associates has many parts for older equipment so that you can keep right on using your current equipment as long as it continues to meet your needs. Should you require repairs on an older piece of equipment, please contact us at http://idcardscanada.com/pages/contact-us. And when the time comes to upgrade to your new, state of the art ID card equipment, you can browse our online store: www.IDCardsCanada.com to make your purchase at an amazing discount. Of course you can contact us for expert advice at http://idcardscanada.com/pages/contact-us.


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