April 30, 2014


As you probably know, covert security features cannot be seen by the naked eye. They require the use of some device to render them visible. To help you maintain the high level of security you need, many overt security features are available today. For instance, infrared ink printing uses unique ink that fluoresces under a specific frequency of laser light. Black light-reactive ink printing enables you to apply images or text that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. Opacity mark printing prints an image on the inner layers of the ID card, making it invisible except when the card is held under intensely focused light. One or a combination of several types of covert security features may be extremely valuable to you, depending upon your security needs. At DKC associates, we are happy to help you explore the options, chose those that work for you, and select the best printer to produce cards with the security features you need. For assistance, please contact us at http://idcardscanada.com/pages/contact-us. Then, to get the best price on the printer you chose, we recommend you place your order using your www.IDCardsCanada.com account, which is easily set up at no cost with no obligation.


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