May 04, 2014


Forensic security features for ID cards are microscopic. They are hidden—either within the card’s layers, or by special graphic effects applied to the surface of the card. Unlike overt and covert security features, they cannot be visually verified, even with the use of specialized light sources or equipment. Their invisibility is a significant reason why forensic features are so difficult to counterfeit. They are extremely tricky to detect in the first place. They can only be validated through reading machines such as optical scanning devices. An example of a forensic security feature is nano-text, which can only be read when subjected to intense magnification such as under a microscope. At DKC associates, we believe that, depending on your needs, you should consider a card with at least one forensic feature—maybe more. We can assist you with choosing the right security features, then the right card printer for the job. For help, please contact us at

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