June 13, 2014

HID Fargo Technical Update

HID Fargo Technical Update




What change did HID Global (Fargo) make to some DTC EZ cartridge print ribbons?

HID Global (Fargo) replaced the EZ ribbon cartridge brace which was used to prevent the print ribbon from rotating within the cartridge during transportation.  The brace has been replaced with an additional piece of adhesive at the start of the print ribbon to achieve the same objective.  This new solution provides the same functionality as the brace while utilizing significantly less plastic, thereby making our print ribbons more environmentally-friendly.


What products will no longer have the EZ ribbon cartridge brace?

EZ cartridge print ribbons for the Fargo C50, Fargo DTC1000, Fargo DTC1250e, Fargo DTC4000, and Fargo DTC4250e will no longer include the brace.


What products will continue to use the ribbon cartridge brace?

Print ribbons for Fargo C30 and Fargo DTC400 printer models will continue to use the ribbon cartridge brace.


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