August 11, 2014

Identity Biometrics - A New Level of Security

Interested in Identity Biometrics?


Biometrics, when referring to identity, computers and security, is the technology that enables the identification of a human being by their biological features.  Identification of a person to a computer or building, for example, can be done through scanning their fingerprints or listening to their individual voices.  The main advantage of biometrics is that the measurement of biological features is far more difficult to fake, and thus less fraud occurs.  Various types of biometric devices exist; for example face scanners, hand scanners, finger scanners, retina or iris scanners and voice scanners.  Fingerprint recognition is a popular form of biometric device and uses the identification of the ridges and valleys, which are found on the surface tips of an individual human's finger.  Finger geometry recognition is also interesting because it uses the 3D geometry of the finger to confirm the identity of an individual.

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