August 21, 2014

Security Badges and ID Card Technology

Security badges and ID card technology

At this day in age, the need for security in public facilities has increased and the days of name tags and visitor log in books are long gone.  Having strangers lurking around your facility can be unnerving. In order to provide an adequate level of security, you need to be able to quickly identify the people in your surroundings.  We can help you do that at DKC associates. These days, most larger facilities require that a Photo ID be presented at the time of a visitors arrival.  Their information is entered into the system and an ID badge is then issued.  With the new introduction of self-expiring visitor ID badges that we offer, badges issued will now be able to expire automatically, as soon as the visitation is up.  It all makes so much sense!  Visitor ID badges generally contain a special ink which is activated as soon as the badge is issued, and this allows for a higher level of security.  DKC is offering Fargo DTC’s photo ID software program which is easy to use and ensures that the badges are properly protected from any possible attempts of duplication or tampering, which are both illegal. The badges offered by Fargo DTC can be configured in multiple different forms as well as time increments.  For facilities with a large number of visitors, this photo ID software is very much cost effective.  Your company can order custom printed badges from DKC associates with your company name and logo on them, courtesy of Fargo DTC.  An additional interesting feature that can be added to the badges is that they can be manufactured so that as soon as they are exposed to daylight, they immediately turn blue, thus making it impossible for someone to leave the facility and then return.  When it comes to secure card printing, we offer a variety of modifications that can meet the specific requirements for your secure ID badge program.  These include laminating card printers that apply holographic overlays to each printed card as well as built in watermark systems whose systems are budget friendly.  Clearly, we offer plenty of options when it comes to security badges and ID card technology, and it has never been more affordable.  For more information, check out

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