September 21, 2014

Annual Training at HID/FARGO

DKC Associates is proud to announce our upcoming trip to HID Global and FARGO ASP (Authorized Service Provider) training session at the Genuine HID Academy Learning Center next month. The training is an intensive 4 days hands-on course which covers the specifics behind HID/FARGO professional hardware and software. This includes much of what an organization must know in order to properly and effectively support its clientele.
DKC Associates has attended these manufacturer authorized training sessions for over 10 years, thus certifying our extremely high level of knowledge, experience and expertise within these markets. This is merely further proof that you are in great hands with DKC Associates!
These training sessions allow our company to be completely up-to-date, receiving proper training in order to be up to speed in all your authorized sales and service centre needs. The specific training sessions in which we will be taking part include - but are not limited to - information sessions about; DTC 1250e, DTC4250e, DTC4500e, Printer/Encoder Technical Training, HDP5000 & HDP5000 LC, Printer/Encoder Technical Training, HDP 8500 Printer/Encoder Technical Training, HDP 8500 LE Laser Module Technical Training, Asure ID 7 Software and Fargo Workbench Technical Training. You can’t go wrong with a company who puts so much effort into becoming up to speed in all current and upcoming hardware and software updates, as well as a company who prides itself on receiving absolute proper training for its staff members. DKC Associates is a no brainer!

Arthur Jones said:

am i search on technical training course on the fargo HDP5000 printer


Arthur Jones said:

Am looking for a technical course on fargo HDP5000 printers can someone help

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