November 20, 2014

The New Datacard® DuraShield™ Holographic Overlay


The New Datacard® DuraShield™ Holographic Overlay Provides Premium Durability and Security

Entrust Datacard announced the addition of the Datacard® DuraShieldTM Holographic Overlay to their secure supply product line, which offers four times the durability of traditional topcoats – extending the life of ID cards up to five years, and reducing the cost of card reissuance.

A critical element of all issuance programs is ensuring the right choice of supplies that not only deliver high-quality results, but also optimize the performance of cards and systems. The DuraShield holographic overlay does this by protecting important elements of ID cards using a thin film consisting of layers of unique polymer coatings cured with an ultra violet light. These coatings are formulated to achieve an optimum level of cross-linking that enables exceptional durability and plasticizer resistance – shielding cards against chemicals, moisture and abrasions.

A variety of security technologies are also available within the DuraShield holographic overlay including edge-to-edge coverage that is more resistant to removal than competing patch laminates, providing tamper evidence which deters against fraud; as well as overt, covert and forensic-level generic and customizable-holographic features.

As part of the Entrust Datacard end-to-end identity solutions, the DuraShield holographic overlay joins the Datacard® DuraShieldTM Clear Overlay to provide customers affordable options that fit their budget and application needs. The DuraShield overlays are available exclusively through authorized resellers of Entrust Datacard, and are certified to work with Datacard® desktop laminating printers and tactile impression features – protecting the overall investment for ID programs and enhancing the overall security of cards.

“We are pleased to add the DuraShield holographic overlay offering to our secure supplies portfolio,” said Connell Smith, vice president of desktop and supplies product marketing for Entrust Datacard. “This product hits a valuable sweet spot in the marketplace; it offers superior durability unmatched by standard topcoats at an economical price point. This will enable our customers to issue highly secure ID cards with a multi-year card life ultimately reducing overall program costs by decreasing the volume of reissues.”

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