December 01, 2014

Credential Protection

Today it is no longer necessary for a wrong-doer to physical steal your cards from you, to put you in the most uncomfortable position, to say the least.

They simply need to be near enough to you with the right device, and your card and identity information is as good as gone!

These products will provide you with peace of mind, with the right protection, without being intrusive.

SkimSAFE started with a simple plan to offer payment fraud and identity theft protection by designing a comprehensive line of RFID blocking products and travel accessories. Providing government-grade RFID security, however, that was not enough. The  RFID blocking products for men and women also embrace convenience, functionality and personal style.

Drawing on resources and inspirations, came the development of identity theft products that are built with function and durability in mind. Our smartphone cases, badge holders, passport cases, credit card sleeves, wallet liners and accessories are made for the active lifestyle. Our distinctive RFID cases make life easier while making your brand look sharp and feel just right.

The SkimSAFE RFID blocking product line was introduced as a secure, convenient solution for the everyday user of contactless debit and credit cards and integrated circuit cards for authorized access to buildings, computer systems or data.


There’s something that makes SkimSAFE different from every other brand in payment fraud and identity theft protection. SkimSAFE RFID blocking products are backed by the highest standards for materials and workmanship.


For any SkimSAFE products, please feel free to contact us and check out our website!

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