December 10, 2014

Premature RFID Tag Expiration for Datacard® SP75 and SP75+ Card Printers

Entrust Datacard has been made aware of an issue regarding the RFID tags for the laminates used with the SP75 and SP75+ Card Printers. The RFID tag reports the roll in use as empty while material is still available to laminate.  Upgrading the printer to a firmware level as noted below will resolve the issue for future rolls of laminate to be used, however, any laminate rolls in use at the time of the upgrade will no longer be usable.

The following table captures all of the units affected by this issue

 SP75 Models Affected Serial Numbers Use Firmware Version Firmware Availability
Plus  Above 90,000  54.94 23 April 2014
RoHS Between 70,000 thru 90,000 49.30 29 Sep 2014
Non-RoHS  Below 70,000  No Longer Supported 

Entrust Datacard Corporation has identified the root cause of the problem and created a firmware update to address the issue.  It should be noted that if the firmware is updated after the problem identified in the description above has surfaced, the update to the printer will not correct the issue for the affected roll.  Any remaining balance on that roll of laminate will be unusable.

SP75 PLUS Card Printer firmware updates are available for download at the following location (Select DuraShield Firmware Upgrade):

SP75 Card Printer firmware updates are available, yet not through the website.  Please Contact Us in order to obtain this firmware file.

Note: Customers are strongly recommended to upgrade the printer firmware at the earliest opportunity.  As of April 1, 2015, Entrust Datacard will no longer honor warranty replacement for laminates exhibiting this issue in cases where the failure occurred on printers operating below the stated firmware level.

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