December 22, 2014

FARGO® HDP5000 Printer Firmware Version 5.3.8 Release

A new Firmware version for the FARGO® HDP5000 Printer and Encoder has been released.

It is recommended to apply this new Firmware to your printer immediately.

Please apply this new firmware to a FARGO® HDP5000 card Printer and Encoder, only manufactured after 2013!  If your printer is an earlier version, please do not apply this firmware, and maintain the old firmware version 4.1.8 (all models made before 2013)

You can download this new firmware from or you can use the FARGO® Workbench Printer Utility to automatically download and apply the firmware, through the Update Manager Workbench Utility.

Should you have any questions, please Contact Us.


Jorge Salazar said:

After applying the Firmware update, I’m getting error 93 on printer. Wrong ribbon error.

What should I do?



Arif said:

ciyan color no working alweas repet error 97


Andrei said:

(LCD Error Message) Ribbon: Wrong Material
(PC Error Message No. 93, 122, and 172)
(Cause) The print Ribbon is not installed properly or has been damaged.
(Solution) Verify the correct Ribbon is installed in the Ribbon Cartridge.

As per the user guide, this error can be caused by a defective ribbon, perhaps the RFID tag on the ribbon is defective or missing; or it is not placed properly on to the cartridge.
First take the ribbon out and place it back in to the cartridge, ensuring it is seated properly, and that you can roll it with your hands and that it moves smoothly.
If that does not fix the issue, then try another/new ribbon.
If the problem persists, then perhaps the RFID sensor/board inside the printer is defective, and must be replaced.
You would then send it into Canada’s Card Printer Repair and Service Center for repair.
(LCD Error Message) Ribbon Miscue
(PC Error Message No. 97)
(Cause) The Ribbon is not able to find the next panel correctly. Check for jams/breaks.
(Solution) If jammed, clear the jam. If broken repair by taping the Ribbon back on to the take-up core.
Press Resume to continue or Cancel to abort.

There are a number of reasons why this could happen.
First take the ribbon cartridge out and ensure that the ribbon is moving smoothly in the cartridge, that it is not jamming, and that you can turn the rolls with your hands. If the ribbon does not roll smoothly, take the ribbon out of the cartridge, place it back in properly, and try moving it with your hands again. If it is still not moving well, try another ribbon, or perhaps the cartridge is defective (try another cartridge if possible).
There is also the ribbon sensor that becomes defective.
Open the printer front door, take the ribbon and film cartridges out, look inside the printer at the bottom rear middle area, and verify whether the blue light is on.
If the sensor light is not on, the sensor could be defective and need to be replaced.
The motors can also be a cause of this issue, if they are too old or worn out and not moving well, then the ribbon may not move forward as it should, causing the printer to misread the panels, or not see them at all.
In this case the ribbon motors would have to be replaced.
For any and all repairs, Contact Us for information and pricing, and you can send any Fargo card printer in for repair to Canada’s Card Printer Repair and Service Center.

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