April 08, 2015

Asure ID 7.6 Now Supports Writing Multiple PACS SIOs for iCLASS® Seos®

HID Global has announced the latest release of its popular Asure ID® 7 card personalization software suite. The Asure ID platform now supports the writing of multiple physical access control (PACS) SIOs to an iCLASS® Seos® credential. This support for the iCLASS SE® Encoder platform is supported by the following two editions:
  • Asure ID CP1000 Edition – Included with the desktop CP1000 encoder for stand-alone encoding
  • Asure ID Exchange – Supports inline and desktop CP1000 encoders. When used in conjunction with Live LinkTM, Asure ID can exchange data between external databases in real time.
New Asure ID Capabilities
Additionally, Asure ID is now even easier to use and has been strengthened with new capabilities and increased user-efficiencies, making an already best-in-class solution even better:
  • Primary Key Flexibility – Enables a user to select the primary key to be used when using Live Link to access an external database
  • Support the writing of multiple physical access control (PACS) SIOs to assist card migration
  • The MS Excel import/export tool now enables users to pull data from various Live Linked database connections for submission to HID’s card services program
  • Improved Oracle, LDAP, Active Directory, and MySQL database performance reducing the time required to retrieve a record in large installations (200k+)
  • The Quick Filter can now be set by the administrator to automatically appear when an operator logs in, to simplifying the data entry experience
  • When saving a photo to a folder, users can now customize the filename of the photo by using a compound data field to save the image as a friendly name (i.e. JohnDoe345562)
Asure ID 7.6 will be publicly made available on April 9, 2015, on www.hidglobal.com. HID Global encourages all current owners of Asure ID to download and install the latest update (Asure ID version 7.6, which is available at no charge to current Asure ID 2009 and Asure ID 7 users.
This update can be easily applied from within the application by clicking Options > Resources > Check For Updates.

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