April 28, 2015

Datacard SP75™ Plus Card Printer End of Production

Entrust Datacard will end production of the Datacard® SP75™ Plus Printer October 30, 2015.

All orders must be entered and shipped prior to this date. This includes orders for new systems, and field upgrades to existing systems; therefore please ensure you have a transition plan.

These printers have been replaced with the new Datacard® SD460™ Card Printer and CD800™ with CLM modular card printing system. These new systems have multiple new features, such as faster throughput, tactile impression feature, debower, bar code reader and serialized laminates.

DKC Associates and ID Cards Canada will continue to provide support for the Datacard® SP75 Plus desktop card printer until the year 2020.

Warranty service for the Datacard® SP75 Plus printer will continue to be 24 months.

Entrust Datacard will make reasonable efforts to provide spare parts through the end-of-support period, therefore we may or may not have certain parts available come 2020, and later.

For non-contract customers, support services will be available at the standard service time and material rates.

Datacard Group plans to continue providing supplies and spare parts until October 2020, but reserves the right to change this based on availability and/or cost of spare parts and supplies.

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