April 30, 2015

Introducing Anti-Bullying Lanyards and Vinyl Display Holders

Each of these new card accessories will clearly display an ID badge or card while keeping it securely attached to the wearer and safe from damage.
Our anti-bullying lanyards feature a positive message and are ideal for schools of all sizes, while our display holders are perfect for meetings or events.

anti-bullying lanyards and vinyl display holders

Made of premium vinyl material, this badge holder will display a standard credit card-sized card while also protecting it from damage.

  • The display holder features the added bonus of an extra space at the bottom of the holder, which can be used for a pre-printed insert strip or a custom graphic.
  • Reinforced edges make this badge holder resistant to tears, while an included slot makes it easy to attach this holder using a strap clip, lanyard or badge reel.
Our anti-bullying lanyard's bright colors and positive message make it a perfect solution for students, faculty and other K-12 education personnel.
  • The lanyard is pre-printed with a message that reads "Prevent Bullying - Take a Stand - Lend a Hand."
  • A safety breakaway makes it suitable for use with children, while a wide plastic hook end fitting makes attaching an ID badge or card simple.


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