June 11, 2015

New Healthcare ID Regulations for Pennsylvania HB 1482 (2010)

Badge Buddies cards for Healthcare Regulations HB 1482

As of June 1, the state of Pennsylvania’s new healthcare identification law is in effect, meaning organizations must now be fully compliant with HB 1482 (2010).
HB 1482 (2010) requires that healthcare worker ID badges meet specific requirements, namely the inclusion of an employee’s name, photo, title in large, block letters and the facility name.

Do you still need to get compliant with HB 1482 (2010)?
We can help with Badge Buddies role-recognition cards!

  • Badge Buddies’ bold colors and large text will satisfy HB 1482’s title requirement. They are pre-slotted and can be attached to an existing ID card with a strap clip, lanyard or badge reel to create a complete HB 1482-compliant solution.
  • Several pre-printed titles are available, including “PHYSICIAN”, “RN” and “LPN”. Custom Badge Buddies can be ordered for additional employee titles.

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