June 16, 2015

Open Season for Hacks'n'Attacks

It seems that in the past, when we used to hear about hackers and terrorist groups cyber-attacking, they were rare occurrences, and fairly far between.

The same for physical attacks and facilities penetration, you did not hear of a person or evil crew storming the building all that often.

And those were the few cases we would hear about publically, so who knows how often, and just how badly these actions were really going on in the world that we had no idea about ?!

Today we are seeing and hearing much too much about these intrusions, both in the private and public sectors...Algonquin’s computer server hacked...Cyber attack at NRC...Target data hack...attack on Parliament Hill...Sony Pictures Entertainment hacked...House of Commons warns its employees under cyber attack...

Many organisations have little or no security integrated within their Identification and Physical Access credential programs, let alone still using single factor authentication (username & password) when employees log on to a company network.

With all the available tools today, it doesn't take much for someone to copy a credential such as an ID or building access card; then once they're inside the building, and have all too easily figured out someone's username and password...voila, they now have complete access to that organisation's data and systems.

In these testing times, we cannot stress enough how everyone MUST re-evaluate their positions and policies on physical and logical security.
To be proactive, and not reactive.
To employ security features for ID and Access credentials, Overt, Covert, and Forensic.
To integrate 2FA (2-factor authentication) and even MFA (multi-factor authentication) within their IT/IM infrastructures, using Entrust IdentityGuard Identity Management and Authentication Platform.


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