July 02, 2015

Entrust Datacard's Generic Holographic Laminates, Overlays, and Topcoats

Datacard Secure Crest 508982-005 DKC

Are you looking to add a touch of flair to your security cards? Maybe you want to give a bump in the security of the card. Which ever the reason may be, with Entrust Datacard's several different types of generic holographic overlays and laminates you can do just that.

While these are not recommended for high security card programs, they can add an extra level of security to your current identity security program.


Datacard Geometric Curves 509065-002 DKC 
With a variety of styles to choose from, you can customize your cards how you see fit. If you want to upgrade your cards and add a minor level of security to them, increase the look of the card, yet also protect the image from physical abrasions, then contact us today for more information!


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