August 31, 2015

HID iCLASS SE® U90™ UHF Long Range Parking/Gate Control Solution

HID iCLASS SE U90 Long Range Parking/Gate Control Solution

HID Global has announced its new ultra-high frequency (UHF) solution for door and long range parking/gate control.
As part of the iCLASS SE® platform, the UHF portfolio includes readers, highly secure single UHF technology and dual technology UHF/iCLASS credentials, offering the ability to combine building access with parking and gate control on a single card or fob for convenience and security.

The iCLASS SE® U90™ UHF Long Range Readers feature advanced encryption technology to deliver the most secure UHF access control on the market.
Combined with HID Global’s SIO®-enabled UHF credential technology, the long distance reader is able to communicate securely at impressive distances of up to five meters.

HID Global’s unique UHF credential includes a Secure Identity Object (SIO) ensuring secure storage of identity information on the card.
This additional layer of encryption also establishes trust between card and reader, offering unmatched protection for UHF communications.
Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) ensures secure communication of data from reader to controller, for secure end-to-end communications.

Long Range Door, Parking/Gate Solution Benefits:
Convenient hands-free authentication is discreet and offers a seamless user experience.
Dynamic system is highly secure and field configurable for ease of maintenance.
Simple to add parking/gate control to your existing iCLASS SE or other security architecture.

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