November 06, 2015

Digital Printing Has Come To Our Badge Reels!

We’re happy to announce that TRUECOLOR customization, our innovative digital printing process, is now available on four styles of badge reels.

Already available on select badge holders, TRUECOLOR printing allows us to print full-color custom logos on our B-Reel®, carabiner reels, MaxLabel reels and economy reels without the need for a label.

How will TRUECOLOR benefit you?

  • Color TRUECOLOR uses four color cartridges to create hundreds of different shades, providing near-limitless options.
  • Detail Our printers are able to print intricate details, giving your customers a more attention-getting custom product.
  • Durability The custom artwork is applied directly to the product’s surface, eliminating concerns about peeling labels.



TRUECOLOR digital printing is currently available on a select group of our best-selling rigid badge holders and select badge reels. 


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