November 12, 2015

Advanced Notice - Announcing HID Global's ActivID® Trusted Transactions solution with Mobile Push

Advanced Notice - Announcing HID Global's ActivID® Trusted Transactions solution with Mobile Push

October 27, 2015

On November 19th, HID Global announces the availability of its ActivID® Trusted Transactions solution with Mobile Push in the latest version of ActivID Authentication Server software.

Sophisticated cybercrime is necessitating innovative ways to ensure trust with financial transactions. To mitigate account takeovers, banks are strongly recommended to validate their customers’ transactions via a separate channel than that used to initiate those requests. ActivID Authentication Server v7.3 integrates an effective push-based, out-of-band mobile signing service to deliver ActivID® Trusted Transactions. The solution enables strong, out-of-band transaction verification using a digital signature and real-time push notification capability in the end user’s mobile device. Out-of-band authentication further safeguards accounts against security threats due to its two separate and unconnected authentication channels, both of which would have to be compromised for an intruder to gain access. This added authentication at the transaction level reinforces multi-layered security best practices, which HID Global advocates for securing the convenient digital banking experience desired by today’s demanding customers.

ActivID® Trusted Transactions empowers customers' existing smart phones and tablets to deliver immediate, response-based fraud protection for their online banking and payment transactions. The push-based transaction signing feature, enabled in the banks’ integrated back-end applications, can immediately notify customers of pending transactions and accordingly receive the prerequisite approval response in order to proceed with the transaction process.

The ActivID Trusted Transactions solution with Mobile Push secures digital banking channels with a consistent model that provides the following benefits:

  • Trusted and secure digital channels that motivate financial institutions to provide more flexible and cost-effective online banking services. 
  • Stronger authentication that addresses user demands for convenience and mobility, while reducing the cost of fulfillment and management.
  • Streamlined compliance via a centralized audit trail for customer transactions across bank channels and products.
  • Added security layer that can be quickly deployed to provide non-repudiation and mitigate against evolving and more sophisticated online threats.

The ActivID Trusted Transactions is an optional capability now available with the ActivID® Authentication Server v7.3.

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