November 17, 2015

Entrust® IdentityGuard 11.0 New Adaptive Authentication Capabilities with Increased Security

Entrust Datacard Announces New Adaptive Authentication Capabilities that Increases Security while improving the User Experience

Entrust® IdentityGuard 11.0 Helps Organizations Secure their Digital Business While Improving the User Experience across Financial, Government and Enterprise Ecosystems

MINNEAPOLIS—(Nov. 16, 2015)—Entrust Datacard today announces the release of Entrust IdentityGuard 11.0, which brings newly-enhanced capabilities to customers that are facing new challenges as digital, cloud and mobile applications are transforming businesses. The latest update to the Entrust Datacard™ proven platform offers the broadest range of authenticators and intelligent technologies to enable trusted identities and secure transactions™.

Through newly enhanced adaptive authentication, Entrust IdentityGuard 11.0 enables organizations to manage and deploy a comprehensive range of unique capabilities; provide secure access to today’s leading online, cloud and mobile platforms; and provide transparency and a frictionless experience for consumers, citizens and enterprises.

“The transformation to digital business has proven its value in both the workplace and the financial industry – and the opportunities ahead offer great improvements fueled by mobile,” said Russell St. John, senior vice president of global marketing for Entrust Datacard. “But, as more and more services become digital, they become attractive targets to criminals. That’s why Entrust Datacard continually looks to enhance our proven and award-winning authentication platform so that we meet the demands of the market, offer more security to combat growing threats facing identity management, and ensure ease-of-use for our customers.”

Entrust IdentityGuard 11.0 also introduces new options for transaction signing for online banking to combat card-not-present (CNP) fraud. With these new enhancements, organizations can leverage a broad range of approaches including mobile solutions that provide one-click transaction signing, which increases customer satisfaction and builds trust. Users can also take advantage of the fingerprint recognition feature instead of a PIN to unlock applications on the phone and to authenticate security challenges.

“As the technology landscape continues to evolve, authentication platforms need to be designed with the future in mind,” added St. John. “Just as the financial and government enterprise sectors are evolving, we are evolving our solutions to enable security and trust in these ecosystems. We are confident that Entrust IdentityGuard 11.0 is the premier solution to address not only the security needs of today but also the security needs of tomorrow – ultimately creating a frictionless, highly secure solution to enable trusted identities.”

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