November 20, 2015

NEW Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer

NEW Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer

Entrust Datacard is pleased to announce the new, 600 dpi Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer. The new 600 dpi print resolution enables you to print stunning, full-color photos and graphics with extreme fine line detail for printing items such as micro-text and bar codes.

Retransfer printing produces consistent, high-quality, over-the-edge printing to create cards that stand out from the crowd. In addition, retransfer printing is ideal for printing on uneven surfaces of smart cards with embedded chips, and enables printing across a wide range of card materials beyond PVC.
Entrust Datacard has continued to invest in retransfer printing with the enhancements to the Datacard® SR200 Retransfer Card Printer and Datacard® SR300 Retransfer Card Printer over the past 18 months. The addition of the Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer is just the latest of our product enhancements to meet your needs.

Product Specifications
The new Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer has similar product specifications as the Datacard® SR300 Retransfer Card Printer. It is also compatible with the LM300 Lamination Module.
The Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer uses the same YMCK ribbon as the SR300. Additional ribbons will be available in the near future.

The Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer is compatible with our new TruCredential Identification software. If you have a current application using ID Works, and wish to upgrade to the new SR300e, please Contact Us to discuss options.

The Datacard® SR300e Retransfer Card Printer is available to order, and it will initially be a build to order item. Please Contact Us for pricing and to determine lead times.

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