November 23, 2015

Advanced Notice - ActivID® Trusted Transactions with Mobile Push

Advanced Notice - Announcing ActivID® Trusted Transactions solution with Mobile Push

On November 30th, HID Global announces the availability of its ActivID® Credential Management System (CMS) 4.3. ActivID Credential Management System (CMS) 4.3 is the latest offering that simplifies the process for securely managing smart card and smart USB token deployments. An integral component of HID Global’s smart card solution portfolio, ActivID CMS is the only offering in the industry that makes it possible for organizations to create, manage and use a single PKI smart card for both logical and physical access – using a unified solution from a single vendor.

The ActivID CMS 4.3 offering includes

  • Simplified CIV, PIV, and PIV-I deployment. Enterprise customers can now issue Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) compliant smart cards out-of-the-box with ActivID CMS. CIV cards are designed for the commercial market and follow the same FIPS 201 standard as Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and PIV-I cards issued to US federal employees and contractors, but for the commercial market. Once issued, CIV cards work with a large number of systems and applications are interoperable with the PIV standard.
  • PACS integration with pivCLASS® IDPublisher and MultiPACS. Customers can now issue PIV, PIV-I and CIV cards with ActivID CMS and automatically push credential information to their physical access control system (PACS), enabling users to use their card to authenticate at the door without the need to re-enroll their card again. PACS access is also deactivated when the card is reported lost or stolen or terminated in ActivID CMS.
  • Support for FARGO® printers. Using Asure ID® card personalization software, HID Global is offers the only one-stop shop for complete smart card personalization and printing.
  • Enhanced Certificate Authority (CA) support. ActivID CMS supports an extended range of Certificate Authorities for issuing PKI certificates on smart cards, including new CAs such as Opentrust™ Enterprise PKI, Symantec™ Managed PKI v8 and Verizon™ UniCERT® with UPI. 
  • Inclusion of new workflows in the ActivID CMS User and Operator Portals. The latest enhancements to ActivID CMS provide more flexibility to work with mobile devices and enable organizations to comply with their security policies.
  • Support for the latest environments. ActivID CMS 4.3 supports the latest technologies, such as Microsoft® Windows® 10, Oracle® 12c and smart cards compliant with the GlobalPlatform™ Secure Channel Protocol 3.

ActivID CMS 4.3 is available at no charge to ActivID CMS customers with a current maintenance contract. It can be electronically downloaded from HID Global’s Identity Assurance Support Portal.

Current ActivID CMS 4.2 customers
HID Global recommends customers using ActivID CMS 4.2 to upgrade to version 4.3. Version 4.2 is no longer available to new customers but remains supported for two years until October 2017.

ActivID CMS 4.3 is only available on Windows and is no longer available on Solaris. ActivID CMS 4.2 for Solaris is the last Solaris version and remains supported for two years until October 2017.
For details on the product support life cycle, see HID Global’s product support life cycle page.

For pricing and more information, please visit HID Global’s website or Contact Us.

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