December 02, 2015



CHALLENGE: A Minnesota casino wanted to replace their player’s club reward card printers. The company’s existing printers required employees to change the card stock type each time a new rewards-level card needed to be printed. Additionally, the printers were aging and continually breaking down, and the casino wanted to streamline its card issuance process and not be tied to using custom printer software.
SOLUTION: The casino called on an Entrust Datacard partner to aid in their search for a new card printing solution. Together they determined that the Datacard® CD800™ card printer would be the best fit for the casino’s needs.
RESULTS: The casino now can issue a variety of card types without having to insert the appropriate card stock for each card printed and they do not need to rely on custom software to print their rewards cards.

With over 150,000 players club cards issued annually, the Minnesota-based casino wanted to move to a card issuance system that was easy-to-use, quick-to-print and highly dependable. Above and beyond a new, more reliable printer, the casino wanted a printer that would easily integrate into current workflows and player’s club software platform – they did not want to be reliant on custom software or lengthy, complicated network integrations. Entrust Datacard and its partner were called to provide an updated players club card issuance system for the casino utilizing the Datacard® CD800 card printer with the addition of a multihopper and Open Card Format printing ability. They will also be providing the casino with a variety of Datacard® Certified Supplies that will keep the printer running optimally.

The casino’s previous printers required the use of custom software to print the players club cards. When looking for a replacement solution, it was important that the new printer did not require custom software and that it was able to integrate into the current players club software. Open Card Format is the standard data structure used to send information to Datacard printers and to place information in the desired location on a card. Open Card Format allows users to easily integrate the printers into their current system and workflow. Entrust Datacard and its partner worked with the technology team at the casino to create XML code which allowed the Open Card Format to integrate and eliminated the need for custom software.

The Datacard CD800 card printer offers an optional multi-hopper solution - with the addition of the multi-hopper, casino employees pre-load the printer with six different card types, which thereby eliminates the need for employees to manually select and insert the appropriate card stock each time a player’s club card was printed. The ability to have the various card types accessible to the printer and not needing the employee to manually insert the cards into the printer each time a card is printed will save employees time when processing players club cards and help to reduce casino guest wait times.

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