December 08, 2015

New Entrust Cloud Capabilities Simplify SSL Certificate Management

New Entrust Cloud Capabilities Simplify SSL Certificate Management

Automated Tools Also Designed To Detect, Report And Prevent Costly Security Mishaps

MINNEAPOLIS—(DEC. 1, 2015)—Entrust Datacard today announced that it has introduced several key enhancements to its cloud-based SSL certificate management platform, Entrust Cloud. The new capabilities will bring increased simplicity and control to every step of the digital certificate management process, from acquisition, configuration and installation of certificates to server analysis, compliance monitoring and security scans.

The features, which make it easy for customers to purchase, configure, install, track and renew SSL certificates, make Entrust Cloud the most streamlined platform in industry.

“We greatly expanded the capabilities of Entrust Cloud to make life easier for our customers and to protect them from the financial impact of expired, rogue or improperly installed certificates,” said Russell St. John, senior vice president of global marketing for Entrust Datacard. “Certificate-related problems can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars a year due to breaches and other types of fraud, as well as lost revenue from potential customers simply abandoning sites they felt were not secure.”

Highlights of the new capabilities include:

Entrust® Turbo™ Auto-Install Client. A simplified method for installing SSL certificates and configuring servers on Microsoft Windows platforms. Automatically installing certificates directly to servers speeds deployment and greatly minimizes opportunities for configuration errors.

Automated SSL Server Test. Periodic testing of servers for configuration compliance protects against Heartbleed, Poodle and other similar threats. A new automated testing feature provides deep analysis of web servers, identifies potential vulnerabilities and checks compliance levels. Email notifications and screen prompts provide automatic notification of potential problems.

Reporting Engine. Consolidated data for both Entrust-issued and discovered certificates is delivered via standard or customized reports — or displayed on a management dashboard. New widgets allow users to configure the dashboard for customized views and drill-downs.

Automated Alerts. Customers can choose to receive email alerts or dashboard prompts when the management platform automatically detects potential problems with certificate policy, best practices, compliance or other key considerations.

Site Analysis and Reporting. Customers can continually scan all of the websites associated with their SSL certificates and determine security levels for each one. This new feature also provides reports on certificate locations, certificate and server configurations, number and types of certificates for each site, malware configurations and more.

Certificate Pickup Wizard. An intuitive new process speeds certificate installation by delivering server-specific instructions and file bundles. Certificate information, tracking numbers, server types and associated certificate chains are all displayed.

“Our customers realize true network security requires more than just the simple installation of SSL certificates,” St. John said. “They have asked for new capabilities that allow them to better configure, scan, track and renew SSL certificates. These new Entrust Cloud features offer all of those capabilities and more.”

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