January 17, 2016

DKC Associates Provides Healthcare Equipment Supplies and Service

DKC Associates has been providing its products and services to the healthcare industry for over 17 years.
We continue to provide outstanding products and service for hospitals, healthcare clinics, and all other private healthcare practice.
We have available:
  • plastic cards of all colors, CR50 and CR80 sizes, and various thicknesses such as 24 mil and 30 mil
  • custom printed hospital cards
  • plastic hospital card imprinters, both electric imprinters and manual pump-style imprinters
  • plastic hospital card embossers
  • metal tag embossers
  • ink rolls for plastic card imprinters, in colors purple and black, and in many sizes
  • CR50 and CR80 hospital card room jackets, which can include an embossed metal tab with your hospital room numbers
We provide service for all of this equipment both at your location (on-site service) and at our warehouse (depot service)
Contact Us with any questions, and our experienced staff will provide you with everything that your organization needs!

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