February 11, 2016

Datacard® Secure Capture Tower Timeout Issues

This is a technical update concerning the Datacard® Secure Capture Tower, if you are experiencing Camera Timeout Issues.

The Secure Capture Tower may exhibit periodic “Camera Timeout Errors” during use. There are items to check and parts to install if you start seeing these errors.

There are three things that can be done at this time to reduce the frequency of Camera Timeout Errors:
  • Ensure that the external USB cable contains ferrite beads for noise filtering
  • Ensure that the internal USB camera cable is plugged into J3 of the internal USB Hub board, and NOT J2
  • Add two ferrite beads to the internal USB camera cable leading from the internal USB Hub board to the camera, (one bead in the base and the other bead in the head of the Tower)
These steps are only to be performed by a Datacard Authorized Service Provider, namely DKC Associates.
If you are experiencing these timeout issues, please Contact Us and we will sort it out.

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